Give yourself the gift of spa therapy with a Body Treatment. Elevate your mood and banish dry skin with a Hydrating Body Treatment. Renew back skin with a Back Facial Treatment.


Not sure? Schedule a 100 minute Face and Body Refresher. Sample the benefit of spa during this combo treatment of Custom Facial, Exfoliating Back Treatment and Aromatherapy Hand and Foot Massage!                          

Firming Body Treatment - 75 min

Our Firming Body Treatment exfoliates skin, stimulates circulation and boost collagen production in skin, which helps to tone the body's tissue. Active serums such as peptide are designed to firm lax skin. Take a luxurious journey with our Firming Body Treatment. Great as gift.  

75 min $ 275 Book Now.

Relaxing Body Treatments soften and smooth the skin. Exfoliation removes dead dry cell. Hydrate skin with rich body creams enriched with Vitamins. Lift and tone tissue with Lypossage bodywork. Eleve your mood with body treatment. Sleep better after a body treatement.

Back Treatment (Back Facial) - 60 min

Refresh the skin on your back with a "Back Facial Treatment". Choose relaxation or prepare back skin for a special event. Therapist washes away impurities, exfoliates. A mini massage completes treatment..

Got Back-ne (back acne)? Purify and deep cleanse your back skin while treating 'back-ne". 

60 min $175  Book Now.

Hydrating Body Treatment - 75 min

Relieve dry skin with our Hydrating Body Treatment. Your body is gently buffed to remove dry cells and stimulate blood flow to nourish skin. Moisturizing oils soften and hydrate, while a micro-exfoliant removes unwanted dull skin. Relax with a foot and scalp massage. Quench your skin's thirst and feel renew with our Hydrating Body Treatment. Great as gift.  

75 min $ 275 Book Now.

Face and Body Refresher - 100 min

Spa sampler from head to toe! Enjoy the fresh essence of spa scents with a Customized Facial, a relaxing Back Treatment and Aromatherapy Massage hands to forearms, feet and lower legs! The Face and Body Refresher renews your skin and rejuvenates your mind as it melts away stress. . . . . Ahh. 100 min $350 Book now.

Lypossage Face & Body

Lypossage for the body is known to improve the immune system by detoxifying the lymphatic system. Lypossage helps reduce cellulite and smooth the appearance of dimply skin while firming tissue and improving circulation.

Thighs, Buttocks, Abdomen. Zone 1 

Arms, Back, Chest  Zone 2

 Anti Aging Face, Neck. Zone 3

.  30 min $160 per ZoneBook Now.