Lypossage Zone 1 targets, buttocks or glutes, helps tone thighs, detox abs, lifts and firm via manual therapy. Deep Lymphatic Drainage helps release toxins from cellulite, and drains extra fluid. Lypossage stimulates collagen and elastin. Lypossage breaks up cellulite.  Lypossage helps lift loose skin and contour the body. Face Lypossage reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Zone 3 Lypossage is Age Management for face. Lypossage is a form of bodywork. Lypossage is based on clinical studies and research.


Lypossage is a healthy, noninvasive, anti-aging contouring modality designed to break up cellulite, stimulate collagen and elastin. This activity helps to firm body tissue and skin, which detoxifies the body and in is cleansing to fascial tissue. Lypossage uses a deep form of lymphatic drainage and fascial work, which lengthens fascia and cleans body through lymphatic system. Lypossage encourages circulation, assist in removing toxins, lifting loose skin, and contouring the body. Lypossage for the face helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Book Now



Although Lypossage does not hurt, it can be uncomfortable. Some soreness and bruising may occur due to the depth of manual fascia bodywork. Expect elimination of bowels and cleansing urination to move toxins out of the body. Lypossage is not a weightloss program. Lypossage is backed by a variety of research and clinical studies. Book Now



Receive the maximum benefit by scheduling 2 to 3 sessions each week with a day in between each session. A minimum of 9 sessions / 30 minute treatments each, are recommended for clients to see better results. However, to receive the maximum benefits,18 sessions are recommended. Book Now


There are 3 Zones. Each Zone is a 30 minute session. Book Now

The Zones are:

Zone 1: Hamstrings, Glutes, Abdomen, Quadriceps 

Zone 2: Ribs, Back, Chest, Arms

Zone 3: Face, Neck

Spa Services

Reduce thighs and buttock with Lypossage Zone 1. Cellulite fighter. Abs, glutes and quads are worked in Lypossage Zone 1. Lift and Tone tissue, detox with lyphatic drainage and get bikini ready.
Lypossage is a healthy, noninvasive anti-aging, detoxing body and facial contouring modality. Lypossage deep tissue and lymphatic drainage approach to the body helps reduce the appearance of cellulite while moving toxins through the lymphatic system. When collagen and elastin are stimulated, muscular curves and skin tone improve.
Lypossage sculps sexy curves. Better define your arms and back with Lypossage Zone 2. Help extended shoulder and back muscles. Release shortened pectoral muscles and improve lymph flow around the chest / breast area. Improve posture with Lypossage. Reduce Dowinger hump with Zone 2. Beer Belly attack with Zone 1
Lypossage gives the skin a natural face lift, and reduces puffiness in the throat and neck area. Lypossage reduces puffiness below the eyes and improves skin tone manual facial massage and lymphatic drainage. Refresh your appearance with Lypossage Zone 3.

Preparing for Spa Service. 

24 hour cancellation on all services. 

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