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Swedish massage is one of the most popular and best know massages for relaxation. New to massage therapy? Then perhaps Swedish Masage is for you. A Swedish massage can be very gentle or use moderate pressure during fluid, long relaxing strokes.  

Client will disrobe or get undressed. Many choose to leave their underwear on, excluding bras. Client will lay in between two sheets, topped with a blanket. Often a therapist may start on a client's back, with the client facing down with head nestled in a face cradle for comfort. 

Swedish Massage Therapy relaxes sore muscles, promotes positivity, improves sleep, and helps headaches. Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Therapy improve posture, structural alignment, and flexibility. Relax tight muscules with fascial unwinding. Back Bay Spa offers a medical massage approach to isolate tension and release knots. Good for runners, foot pain, back pain, shoulder pain, gardeners, athletes, and mature bodies.

The relaxation begins. The therapist uncovers the area to massage (back, arms, or legs / feet) while keeping the rest of the body covered. Your massage therapist may use a massage cream or oil. Sore muscles and stress start to unwind, while your therapist glides across muscle tissue to renew your body and mind. Massage Page

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