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Preparing for Spa Services

Masks, Serums, Peptides, and facial creams help skin stay strong. Active ingredients stimulate cellular renewal. Advanced skincare facials assist in fine line and wrinkle reduction. Boost collagen in skin. Lift and tone, refresh complextion.

They say preparation is key in life. This is also true when planning for your day at the spa.


Getting waxed for a special or not so special event? Perhaps you are scheduled for a facial? A massage therapy service is better enjoyed when adequate steps are taken to ensure your comfort. View the updated Spa Etiquette Requirements for appointments.


Whether it is a facial, massage or waxing service, preparation is key for your enjoyment.


To be skin ready for your facial treatment, we ask that you do not exfoliate or peel the skin at least 3 days prior to your scheduled service. This includes the use of products containing beads, ground nuts, sugars / salt, baking soda, and active exfoliating acids or enzymes. These products may disrupt the true intent of your facial treatment and may stimulate the skin to become reactive. Please refer to the Exfoliation and Peel - Good to Know page on the website for additional information.



Bikini and back wax can be especially sensitive. To reduce the level of pain at the time of your hair removal service, please try to avoid alcohol the night before or on the day of your service. If you do choose to indulge, many have found that Advil or Tylenol taken 45 minutes with food before a waxing appointment has been helpful in managing the discomfort associated with the service. 


Massage or Lypossage

We want you to enjoy your Massage Therapy or Lypossage session. To do so, we suggest you consume a light snack 90 minutes before your service. Please avoid heavy meals and alcohol before your massage session.   

Sensitive Skin Facial, Ethnic skincare treatments, and all skin types at Boston Facial Spa. Dark Marks, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, black skin, asian skin, latino skin, and african-american skin are treated C.Spa-Boston. Men Skincare services, and women skincare. Mature skin, Age Management, and sagging skin benefit from facial at C.Spa-Boston Back Bay's Spa
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