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Men's Spa Service to look your best. Schedule a Back Wax, The Man Brow, Back Bay Men's Massage, or Clinical Custom Facial to address your spa need.

Man Getting a Facial
Boston Massage Spa Services. Book a Swed
Luxury Wax Hair Removal for the Back and Legs.

Back Bay Men's Facial

Deep cleanse, exfoliate, reduce skin impurities, and facial massage. 


Men's Sensitive Skin Facial

Gently removes dead, flakey skin cells while nourishing skin. Relaxing facial massage. Customized to your skin. 

Vitamin C Facial Treatment 

Brighten and balance skin with Vitamin C Facial treatment. Target photo-damaged skin and dark spots. Vitamin C improves skin's texture and tone. 

Book Now  60 min $195  90 min $285

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Back Bay Men's Massage

Combo of deep tissuemyofascial release, and therapeutic advanced massage. Release area specific muscular tension.

Swedish Massage

De-stress and relax during a Swedish Massage. Rhythmic strokes dance across your body in medium pressure.


Deep Tissue Massage

Firm pressure to relieve knots, overworked muscles, and stress. 

Book Now   60 min $190   90 min $280

Go to Massage page for more massage.

​Back Wax

Man Scape - Clean it up. Price may increase via hair assessment.

Book Now Full Back $88 - Book Now

Book Now Half Back $58 - Book Now


Chest & Abdomen Wax 

Show off your chest! Done with care. Experienced waxing professional.

Book Now Chest and Abs $88

Book Now Chest OR Abs $58 

The Man Brow

Get groomed! Eyebrow waxing or threading exclusively for men.

Book Now $35


Shoulders Wax 

Book Now $38

​Please note: Therapists are not qualified for men. Brazilian/Bikini wax is not available for male clients. 

Many men are concerned about the appearance of their skin and excess body hair. . Age Management is of great concern personally and professionally. We all want to put our best face and body forward.


Men's Spa Service are important to help Men look and feel their best. Today many athletes, actors, professionals, and the average guy in the male community grooms and cares for themselves by receiving spa services. 

Men's skin can be sensitive, oily, dry, combination or even reactive. However, men's facial skin is unique due to daily grooming regiments like shaving, which can have an impact on the male facial skin. Skin can become more easily irritated, be prone to sensitivity, become flakey, and become discolored on men with richer skin tones. Although there are several ways to address the above skin conditions, we suggest regular professional facial treatment and an skin care program. 


Facial are designed to help balance excess oil in the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkle, assist in evening out complexion, reduce dryness from shaving, help reduce in-grown hairs, and improve the overall health of male face and beard skin.  


Men's Grooming may include cleaning up the unibrow, refreshing the face with a facial, and relaxing during massage therapy. At C.Spa-Boston we have designed our menu to enable men to benefit from spa therapies. Some of the Gentlemen services we offer are eyebrow waxing or threading also know as The Man Brow; Back or Chest Wax for men; the Back Bay Men's MassageAcne Refresher deep pore cleansing Facial, or Lypossage to assist in loosing the beer belly. 


Men's Spa Services done by an experience Aesthetician or Skin Professional is valued in the grooming industry. Treatments from a professional can be a game changer for men who may want to continue receiving spa therapies long term.

New to Men's Spa Services? Why not try a Back Facial Treatment. It is like getting a mini massage on your back after a cleansing treatment. Or maybe you want to book an Express Facial or Express Massage, or both! It is your choice. You deserve to look and feel your best!

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