GENTLEMEN - Men's Spa Services

Men's Spa Service - Look your best. Schedule a Back Wax, The Man Brow, Back Bay Men's Massage, or an Acne or Clinical Custom Facial to address your spa need.

Man Getting a Facial
Luxury Wax Hair Removal for the Back and Legs.

 C.Spa Therapeutic Facial 

Good for men's skin. Reduce ash and dryness from shaving. A facial fit for today's male!

 Book Now 60 minutes - $150 


Sensitive Skin Facial Treatment 

Gently remove dead flakey cells, address ingrown hairs while nourishing sensitive skin to calm and hydrate. 

 Book Now 60 minutes - $165

 With in-grown hair treatment-

​Back Bay Men's Facial 

Customized deep cleansing facial exfoliates the skin. Neck and shoulder massage. Serums balance. Mask fortifies and skin is restored to complete service. 

 Book Now 60 minutes - $165 


Back Facial Treatment 

Refresh the skin on your back with a Back Facial Treatment. Relax while therapist cleanses impurities. Finish with a mini back massage.

Book Now 60 minutes - $165

Back Bay Men's Massage

Combo of deep tissuemyofascial release, and therapeutic advanced massage. Release area specific muscular tension. Relax while therapist works out the knots and soothes sore overworked muscles.

 Book Now ​60 min $175    90 min $225


Swedish Massage

 De-stress and relax during a Swedish Massage. Rhythmic strokes dance across your body in perfect pressure.

 Book Now 60 min $150   90 min $200


Deep Tissue Massage

Release area specific muscular tension during a Deep Tissue Massage. Firm pressure to help relieve knots and unwind.

  Book Now 60 min $175   90 min $225


CORE Myofascial Therapy

 Improve structural alignment, flexibility and posture with CORE Myofascial Therapy.

 Book Now 60 min $175   90 min $225


For additional details on massage therapy choices and prices go to Massage page. Remember, Men also benefit from relaxing Body Treatments!

​Back Wax

Man Scape! Clean it up. Pricing may increase based on spa therapist assessment.

Book Now $75

Half Back $40


Chest & Abdomen Wax 

Show off your chest. Done with care and by experienced skin and waxing professional.

 Book Now $75

Either Chest OR Abdomen $40


​The Man Brow

Eyebrow waxing or eyebrow threading exclusively for men. Get groomed.

 Book Now $28


Shoulders Wax 

Waxing on front and back of shoulders.

 Book Now $35

Leg Wax 

   half leg $55

 Book Now full leg $85

Please note: Our therapist is qualified for Bikini and Brazilian waxing on women only. Brazilian or Bikini wax is not available for our male clients.