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​Deep Tissue Massage is a type of massage therapy that addresses muscles aches, stiff joints, sore legs, and back pain. It is designed to help relieve body pain, tightness and chronic muscle tension in the deeper layers of tissue. This type of bodywork enables the body to move easier with reduced pain after a session, although muscles may feel a bit sore afterwards. Deep Tissue is a favorite amongst athletes, mature bodies and those who are physically active.

Deep Tissue uses firm pressure, and focuses on the lower layers of muscle to release area-specific muscular tension. Firm

pressure may include fascial (the connective tissue surrounding the muscles) stretching and trigger point therapy (trigger points are knots or tight bands in the muscle). Therapist may use fists, knuckles, forearms, elbow and other tools to penetrate deep into the tissue to assist in relieving tight muscles. 
Some find Deep Tissue massage relaxing, while others experience a more uncomfortable and even painful therapy session. Either way, it is generally an effective massage therapy bodywork treatment that releases adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue), stiffness and muscular tension.
Benefits include better sleep, relaxed muscles, improved mood, improved circulation, reduced stiffness and better blood flow promoting increased movement to the massaged area. Deep Tissue massage also helps common conditions including low back pain, recovery from injury, muscle spasms, tension after working out, postural issues, repetitive strain injuries, and osteoarthritis pain. Please be sure to inform your therapist of any health conditions that you may have. Massage Page. Book Now
Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Therapy improve posture, structural alignment, and flexibility. Relax tight muscles with fascial unwinding. Back Bay Spa offers a medical massage approach to isolate tension and release knots. Massage is good for runners, foot pain, back pain, athletes, and mature bodies.
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