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Ethereal Equinox 2016 Fall Treatments

Revitalize your skin with one of our Ethereal Equinox 2016 Fall Treatments below. Select from 45 min or 60 min:


45 Minute Service

Radiant Facial -  Rejuventate skin and refine pore appearance. 45 min $130  Book Now

Exquisite Facial - Even skin tone, plump dehydrated / dry skin. 45 min $130  Book Now

Flawless Facial -  Reduces blemishes and smooths skin texture 45 min $130 Book Now

Lavish Back Treatment - Relax and balance skin's hydration.      45 min $130 Book Now

Remineralizing Seaweed Facial - Express, good for Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis. 60 min Pure Marine Collagen Facial, Anti-Aging Facial, Sensitive Skin, Mens Facial, Vitamin C Facial, Renew Skin, Rejuvenate Skin, Refresh Complextion, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, skincare Boston, ethnic skin, acne skin, healthly skin, facial photodamage, sunspots, dark circles, age management,
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60 Minutes Service

Radiant Facial -  Renew skin's illuminating glow through spicy pumpkin enzymes enhanced with brightening botanicals.  60 min $165  Book Now

Exquisite Facial - Brighten, hydrate, and restore soft, supple skin for same-day skin results with our lush pumpkin creme. 60 min $165  Book Now

Flawless Facial -Balance blemished and problematic skin via posh pumpkin and revitalizing retinol. Instantly refreshed. 60 min $165 Book Now

Lavish Back Treatment - Nourishing and destressing back treatment. Exotic hemp oil and luscious coconut infusion. 60 min $165 Book Now

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