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Black Tie Holiday 2016  -  Winter Treatments

Illuminate your inner brilliance with indulgent skin luxury from Lira Clinical's Black Tie Beauty Holiday 2016 Winter Treatments. Select from 45 min or 60 min:


Champagne & Caviar Facial 

  • Luxury skin treatment

  • Renews velvety, soft skin

  • Revitalize healthy, firm skin

  • Facial indulgence for all ages

Ultimate in luxury. 45 min $130  Book Now

Revitalize, Indulge. 60 min $165  Book Now

Gold & Glamour Facial

  • Illuminate skin's youthful glow

  • Rejuvenate celebrity-style, fresh skin

  • Glow-n-go with smooth, elegant skin

Fit for any Red Carpet. 45 min $130  Book Now

Rejuvenate, Glow-n-go 60 min $165  Book Now

Crystal Clear Facial  

  • Clarify and clear problematic skin

  • Rejuvenate smooth, calm skin

  • Reduce blemishes and prevent future breakouts

Clarity and correct skin.  45 min $130 Book Now

Clear, Calm, and Prevent 60 min $165 Book Now


Silk & Sparkle Back Treatment 

  • Delectable, smoothing skin treatment

  • Posh, relaxing back massage

  • Healthy, sun-kissed skin.  

Going backless or not. 45 min $130 Book Now

Beautiful, Bright, Bold. 60 min $165 Book Now

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