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C.Spa - Boston -
We offer facials treatments for men and women. Our services include skin therapy for acne, anti-aging, deep pore cleansing, hydration, and sensitive skin. Facials are designed to improve the health and appearance of your skin. 
Who benefits from a Facial?  
Everyone benefits from a facial. Facials are
good for healthy, problem, aged and health-challenged skins. Facials can help improve texture, and improve skin.  When would you like to book your appointment?


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​715 Boylston Street
5th Floor 
Boston MA 02116


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Express Basic Facial 
Remineralize Seaweed Facial 
Micro-Current Acne Facial 
C.Spa Therapeutic Facial
       60 min - $110 /  90 min - $160

​​Clinical Facials​
Address common skincare concerns & help refresh your skin! 


Healing and Hydrating Facial 

     60 min - $130  /  90 min - $185
Deep Cleansing and Purifying Facial 
      60 min - $130 /  90 min - $185
​Resurfacing and Renewing Facial    
      60 min - $130 /   90 min - $185


Sensitive Facial ​
       60 min - $130  /  90 min - $185


Advanced Facials
Use active ingredients to stimulate cellular renewal​

Age Management Facial 

​     60 min - $195
Rejuvenation OxygenFacial  

Pure Marine Collagen Facial 
     60 minutes $175 

Vitamin C Brightening Facial 

      60 min - $150
Antioxidant Repairing Facial 
     60 min - $150
​Customized Facial Just For You!   
     90 min - $220

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